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In 2003 the government of Hungary introduced a new decree (Law Nr. 62

(2001) regarding ethnic Hungarians living in neighbouring countries / Decree Nr. 206 regarding the training of pedagogues across the border) that made possible for pedagogues teaching in Hungarian language public educational institutions outside Hungary to receive further training at annually organized training events.


The mid-year training events are realized through an application invited annually by the Ministry of Human Resources in Hungary. With the help of national, regional, county-wide and local mid-year training events the HTAR provides an opportunity for pedagogues to learn about new methods and develop professional competencies in order to establish a child-centred educational practice.

Based on the feedback and opinion provided by attendees, we can say that mid-year training events are helpful in acquiring practical knowledge, encourage creativity and innovation, and give useful tools with which pedagogues can change outdated teaching methods.

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