Kós Károly Award


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The Hungarian Teacher’s Association in Romania with the financial support of the American Hungarian Teacher’s Association created the Kós Károly Prize in 2011 for high school students with outstanding results in the field of Hungarian language and literature. The prize consists of a commemorative medal, a diploma and prize money.

The prize is awarded annually by a professional jury of three Hungarian teachers approved by the Country-wide Presidency of HTAR. The jury takes into account the outstanding achievements in mother-tongued and literature competitions (organized both nationally and in the Carpathian Basin), literary works published in electronic or printed form, and the scientific research and dissertations presented by the students.

The outstanding students who are awarded by the Poppy Flower, the Bolyai Farkas or the Kós Károly Award receive their prize together at Teleki Educational Centre in Sovata. The award ceremony is preceded by a two-day camping trip, which can be a great opportunity to make new connections, get to know each other, but also to play and have fun.

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